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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 13, 2019 6:00pm-6:58pm PST

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rain arrives. >> let's show you the situation right now. on the left side of your screen you can see our live radar. it's lit up. on the right side of your screen, what it looks look at this hour in san francisco and san jose. >> let's take you outside so you can see our team of reporters fanned out across the bay area but we begin in the studio with jeff. what's up next? we have another round of rain. our creeks, streams and rivers are running nearly full. you have to stay away from the creeks, rivers and streams. if you approach water and you're not sure of the depth of it, head in the other direction. flooding is a number one killer. also here along the napa river. this is expected to reach flood stage throughout the next 24 hours. the main reason why we're going to see these problems continue, we already had 2 to 4 inches of
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rain in a 24 hour period for the north bay. that's lower elevation and the higher elevation average. san francisco nearly 2.5. concord close to 2. santa clara, nearly three quarters of an inch. it's moving to the north and the east. heavy rain for you there through 627 this is the new round of rain starting now. picks up for the rest of the bay area and it will keep it wet through the morning commute. we're tracking when this all finally pushes out of here and we'll have checks on the river level. stick around. >> let's go right to the hot it's dangerous, it is wet and it's still coming down. sam joins us in petaluma where
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school leaders aren't taking any chances. >> about half of the students have to walk to class because they live at a nearby coast guard base around the corner here and the fields look like this, soaked, right in line with what so many people experienced today. >> in conditions like these it's notten usual to hear the term water logged. but jared roberts actually found himself stuck on a log in water. >> made it 5/6th of the way and there's the log that floated in front of me. ran over it and got stuck up on top of it. >> drivers dealt with all kinds of obstacles. >> it's tough. roads are floeded. >> not a problem for susan.
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>> it feels good on the bare feet. the water is a life force on the planet. and a force she felt must be shared with me. >> we need the respect. we need to keep it clean. we need to respect it. we need to understand the personality of each creek. >> you understand how cold my feet are right now? >> yes. but the blood will go to it and it's good for your circulation. >> for those looking to drive-thru messy roads, the fire department has advice. >> we see people trying to continue to drive-thru those sign signs. >> they closed at 11:00 a.m. due to flooding. just look at this stretch of nearby valley ford road with a car stuck in the middle. high winds and another round of rain mean power outages remain a concern for first responders.
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>> thank you. in the south bay, problems on highway 17. this happened around 2:00 p.m.. southbound 17 was shutdown for about 2 hours in the afternoon. >> san jose is gearing up for the second phase of the storm tonight and one worry is the rapidly rising waters of the gaut lu guatalupe river. now since the dangerous flooding of coyote creek in 2017, the city has developed a new plan for tracking water levels and flood risks and it includes some high-tech systems and low tech person to person warnings that leads to flooding concerns. along the very active coyote creek in morgan hill with the
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latest. >> well, you know, at least the storm did not take anyone by surprise. so as you can see, the water district is still releasing water at the rate of about 180,000 gallons a minute. in fact, rangers had to put up the yellow caution tape to keep visitors from intruding because it's serious business to try to stay on top of flooding. >> many parts are saturated from the rain creating waterfalls on the landscape and lots of as once again filled s. above capacity today and spilled over but as the water district points out, no immediate flood threat. still for those that had to evacuate local camping areas suddenly during previous storms, the constant spilling is unsettling. >> if it's 102% it's going over
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the spill way and if we get a day or two of hard rains and coupled with the runoff, you can at times overwhelm the reservoir. >> it reminded some people that were evacuated during earlier storms that they might have to do it soon. >> it is really hard. we had the evacuation last week and as you can see it's overflowing, yeah, right there, in the creek. >> there were no reports of flooding and stops at the nearby reservoirs showed a lot of water but no immediate threat. >> i hope it just stays like this. still beingt to lose our park taken but as you heard jeff mention we're starting to feel the rain pick up strength again so people here have to worry about how much water has
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accumulated and how much is still coming. nbc bay area news. >> it's going to be for a couple of days. thank you. well, the heavy rain triggered problems in san francisco as well. same scenario, downed trees, flooded streets. this is what it looked like. there was a tree there that came crashing down on a parked car. owner says he went to get coffee and came back to find the roof caved in. he wasn't in the car. you shouldn't be going through standing water because it will make your car die. >> i just tried to push it. but it didn't go through. >> public work helped with his car. now rain isn't the only problem the storm brought. along the coast, high winds were an added complication.
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we can see it right there. >> yeah. it's pushing me up against the fence pretty hard. the powerful winds have already caused a problem. they have torn down power lines and they have broken off tree branches knocking off power to people in this area. you can see these aggressive waves becoming more and more intense here as the weather continues through this area. >> tonight, fingers crossed that residents won't see more of this. it's lights out for people like nick that lives across from a tree that ripped down power lines after strong winds broke a big branch. >> we heard this loud snap or crackle and the power flickered and then went out. >> city crews blocked the streets and called pg and e. even warning us to be careful
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not to stand too close to the trees so another branch wouldn't break off. >> hopefully no more of these trees come down. >> street signs, light poles, even bushes all shook violently as the wind hit the small beach down. it's horrible. i thought it was about to break. >> the waves grew more intense but didn't stop people from walking along the pier. a tree tumbled on to a driveway and blocked part of the road. then another treee causing power arc and cutting electricity for a few dozen people this morning. it prompted police to warn drivers to be extra careful during the storm.
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people are being warned to stay out of the water. this is very important, through tomorrow. nbc bay area news. >> okay. we can see that wind along the coast. >> she joins us now to show us some of pete from san francisco shot this this so in san francisco -r suffered damage as the tree came crashing through the top of the car there. and this picture, the city received a foot of snow overnight.
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northbound lanes of i-5 shutdown right now. they have been like that all day because of the heavy snow. crews hope to reopen it soon. we did see breaks in the rain this afternoon. this rainbow picture in the south bay. we'd love to see your photos. more rain is on the way. we have facebook, twitter, instagram, e-mail them to us at i see@nbc bay >> we're putting our crews in place to go on the air early spf today in the bay. live coverage begins tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. >> storm ranger shows the next round of rainfall starting to line-up offshore with heavy downpours. we'll let you know what's next. it's coming up in about 8 minutes. >> thank you. plus a sinkhole opens in the east bay. the driver that found out too late and how the repairs are
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case that stems here in the bay area. this is a story we broke on monday. the university of nebraska is responding to a revenge porn case that stems here in the bay area. this is a story we broke on monday. >> maurice washington iii now a
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freshman at nebraska faces criminal charges linked to an explicit video he is accused of sending to his ex-girlfriend. vicki joins us with the latest. what's the news today? >> the questions tonight, what did university officials know and when did they know it? >> and how the husker athletic director show. >> obviously we're looking into it every way that we can but it's a legal matter. >> that's university of nebraska athletic director on the husker sports radio network show tuesday. >> we were inquisitive but there wasn't a lot of conversation that went any further than we have a concern and something that happened in california and we'll keep you informed. >> but according to records obtained by the investigative unit, nebraska's former attorney general was hired to represent the school and knew about the allegations against washington by mid september and records show by december he had a copy of the search warrant from the
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santa clara county sheriff's department. according to a lead detective he asked, do you actually charge people in california for stuff like this? >> we take them very seriously. as of today we have not heard back from mr. washington. >> he faces a felony charge of possession of child porn and misdemeanor charge of revenge porn for sending a video of his ex-girlfriend's alleged sexual assault to her. she was 15 when the video was recorded and shared at her school. washington was not part of the assault or is accused of sendin her with a text. she agreed to go on camera but asked us not to reveal her last name. >> i tried so hard to forget it and to have someone to just throw it back in my face like that and taunt me with it was just so evil. >> washington's attorney said accusations that mr. washington used a video as a weapon to
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revictimize his former high school girlfriend are not true. the communications between these two young people are yet to be fully determined and there are additional facts and circumstances that give context and perspective to this situation. >> we want to make sure that maurice is cooperating, which he is. we also want to make sure that he knows that he has a great deal of support. >> meanwhile, the university says it is standing by number 28. an arrest warrant is spending and washington remains in really encourages parents to talk with their teens. they say taking, storing and sending explicit content of minors can be a crime. we posted details on a new effort for a revenge porn law in nebraska on nbc bay >> let's get back to our storm coverage. a lot of problems across the bay area. take a look at that. a water main break forced a
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sinkhole to open up. you can see what happened next. also a neighborhood in walnut creek was closed off today after a tree fell across homestead avenue. >> i have noticed over the years that rocks keep coming down and this hillside is unstable and it was only a matter of time. >> thankfully no one was is caug sierra, check that out. a lot of snow plus wind gusts of over 130 miles per hour whipping over the top of the pass and hammering the ea wning is in effect until 10:00 p.m. tomorrow. this is not the day to drive to tahoe. >> no. >> this is a three day weekend where a lot of people want to get up to tahoe coming up. >> thursday, friday, saturday, heavy snow. another 1 to 5 feet of snow. >> those are not good conditions to drive in. >> not at all. once we hit friday morning the
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snow levels could go down as low as 2,500 feet. the best day i could see to travel up to the sierra is probably not going to get here until sunday and then nice weather last week. you can see on storm ranger and mobile doppler radar, after the extremely heavy downpours this morning for much of the bay area, a little bit of a break this afternoon but now we have our next zone of wet weather lining up out here offshore beginning to move into the north bay. so let's put a track on this. it's been heavy at times in the bay. th napa through 6:51 tonight. off to the south, weeur small c streams right near the highway 101 corridor. san rafael at 6:59 and off to the south, san francisco also looking at it picking up as we head 6:57 this evening. i want to give you more of a wider expansive view and you can see the huge bullseye down here. extremely heavy downpours. this is on track as we head
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through the next 2 to 5 hours. make sure that you have your phones on and alerts and get the app so we can keep you up to date on anything as these conditions change. with all of this rainfall today, more rain coming tonight. definitely going to hit flood stage. we want you to know 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, close to flood stage. by 7:00 a.m. on friday it hits 37.8 feet. that is well above flood stage. so some of the lowest lying areas in town may actually have some flooding issues. especially there again as we hit friday morning. then we should see that river drop here as we head through saturday's forecast. okay. where do we go from here? as we head through tomorrow morning, 3:30. widespread rainfall in the bay area and more coming for that morning commute. coming up at 6:30 another update for you and then at 6:48 i'll show you when all of this moves out of here and we finally get a break across the bay area. >> that's a lot happening.
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we'll see you later in the newscast. what's the average salary in the silicon valley? and how many people are worth more than a million bucks? the numbers might surprise you. a
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pursuit ended with a car crashing through a garage. our skyranger was over the home on "east hills drive"... you you can see it down below after a pursuit ended with a car crashingroh the garage. police did arrest one man shortly after this crash. now neighbors sent us cell phone video ofhe on why they were chasing this man. and thankfully no one was hurt. >> emotional system in a courtroom today. the couple at the center of the bizarre kidnapping case described in graphic detail what they endured. now during today's preliminary hearing, aaron and denise recounted the nightmare they say they suffered at the hands of matthew muller. muller broke into their home in 2015, tied them up, drugged them, before he kidnapped and raped denise. she went on to tell the jury she was raped twice by muller that held her captive for two days.
6:25 pm
>> it was very difficult for them to tell this horrific thing. nobody should have to go through and suffer what both of these individuals had to suffer. >> muller is acting as his own attorney but declined to ask the couple any questions. the judge ultimately ruled that there is enough evidence for a trial. >> new at 6:00, just how much money is in the silicon valley? today's release of the annual silicon valley index illustrates things we already know, high salary andhost ofrly $140,000 each year per person. one in four households have an income exceeding $200,000 a year. the down side of all of that wealth is reflected in that final number. more than a third of all adults under the age of 34 still live at home with their parents. >> up next at 6:30, we continue our microclimate weather alert coverage. we'll take you to the north bay. all eyes there on the rising
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creeks and rivers. >> we showed you letting unqualified drivers get behind the wheel of popular ride shares. up next, the action they're taking after our investigation. >> also if you want some money and work for a non-profit, you want to hear this. nbc bay area is offering non-profits a chance to show us how they'll use technology to solve problems in their communities. it's called project innovation challenge. the most deserving innovations will win grants of $225,000. the deadline, you got to hurry up, is this friday to apply, check our website for details. at bayer our roots run deep.
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it )s raining right now...and will continue thru the night. we remain in a microclimate weather alert. right now at 6:30, a live look at the radar andontinue th night. we remain in this microclimate weather alert. >> he has been tracking it for us for days and all day today and continues now. what's the status? >> well, we did get a little bit of a small break this afternoon and now that second round of rainfall is moving in and that's why i really want anyone that had some flooding issues earlier today and it seemed like that water receded a little bit to definitely be on high alert. i wanted to show you our flood warnings right now so you could think about the most important areas that i'm watching and it's all the way down through san rafael. if you live near a small creek or river or stream those could
6:30 pm
be there and you're asked to stay away from any of the creeks, rivers, or streams and if you approach any kind of water in your car, you're not sure, especially at night, you have to turn around and head the other direction. flooding is a number one ki. ou. second one here is all along the napa river which is expected to hit flood stage as we head through tomorrow's forecast. what does it look like now? here's the second wave of rainfall. it's heavy. red and orange. big time downpours continuing through 6:31. napa into 7:19. we'll talk more about those river levels and when they will crest at 6:48 tonight. >> staying on the subject of the overflowing krecreeks, they're flooding the roads already and clogging up toilets in mill valley. some of the water receded but flooding could make a treacherous come back tomorrow morning. >> maybe later tonight. the outskirts of mill valley,
6:31 pm
jeff just showed us the radar. it must be coming down pretty hard where you are right now melissa. >> absolutely coming down really hard. we have seen some progress. some of this water has receded. so that's a bit of good news but homeowners shouldn't put those sandbags away just yet. there are concerns that this rain is going to intensify ov overnight and it's possible that people will be waking up to more flooded roads just like this one. >> this is higher than i've ever seen it. >> on days like this it pa is to have family living close by. normally ross drive is all that splits kristen from her sister's house in mill valley. today there was a makeshift river running between the homes after water from nearby coyote creek spilled into drive ways and seeped into front yards. >> we have been running back and forth between our houses checking on everyone and everything today. >> a couple of doors down, martin took a day off from work to check on his home and clear
6:32 pm
storm drains. >> if i don't keep the debris out of it, it will clog and get worse. >> another thing already clogged his bathroom toilet. >> i took the head off of a couple of plungers and put a brick on top of them. my bathtub is backed up. so we'll have damage there. >> an engineer with the flood control and water conservation district tells us the nearby pump is working. the problem is the ground is so saturated, all of this water is runoff. neighbors are concerned high tide could make this worse. >> load up the golden retrievers, we need to get out of dodge. >> just to give you a little look at the progress we have seen so far, this is the sidewalk, this is the road. this area was flooded so there has been progress but the flood control engineer i spoke to he's concerned about that combination of the heavy rainfall overnight, possible heavy rainfall overnight plus the high tide which is expected around
6:33 pm
6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. people could wake up to more flooded roads like this one right in the heart of the morning commute. so that's a possible problem tomorrow morning. back to you. >> thank you. things that we will be watching out for of course. now you can check these storms as well. our exclusive storm ranger radar is on our website and our app. all you do is make it full and then you can focus on your neighborhood. it is a great resource, especially right now. >> if you ever use uber, do you know who is driving? uber drivers creating accounts with stolen information and renting those bonus accounts to anybody willing to pay. >> this is letting people get around those crucial background checks and get behind the wheel. now she has found these unchecked drivers may be picking up hundreds of unsuspecting riders. >> it started with a lyft
6:34 pm
account and recently several uber accounts. we didn't drive but found cars on one account wrapped up more than 200 trips in just a few weeks. now uber has taken what we have uncovered straight to law enforcement. here's a look at the two uber accounts rented out to us, no questions asked. the seller created this one from scratch using the personal information of a guy named benjamin. four different cars signed on to this account which logged hundreds of trips across the bay area. >> did you feel like you were in danger? >> definitely. >> we first showed you in september how dangerous it can be for riders that hop into cars with unvetted drivers secretly using rented accounts. >> i was thinking, i'm not going to die with my lyft driver. >> it was set up using stolen information. lyft told us it has a special team to investigate fraud. uber indicates the creator of
6:35 pm
the accounts we rented on its platform, also may have engaged in identity fraud. >> ride share renters can be virtually impossible to distinguish from real drivers but there's one way to tell for certain if the driver is a fake. the waybill. it gives a summary of the trip and lists the account hold areas name. but if someone is using an account registered to someone else the name on the waybill and the name on the driver's license won't match. >> that's how officers at los angeles airport are cracking down on shared or rented accounts. >> cancel the ride. >> take a look at this police body cam video. lax police found this driver isn't who he claims. >> you're not authorized to drive under this account. >> he admits it's his uncle's account. the officer gives him a misdemeanor citation and impounds his car. >> am i the first driver.
6:36 pm
>> you're not the first? >> a lot of drivers doing the same? >> it's quite a few. listen to what the officer tells this bystander? >> yeah, this guy is basically a ghost to uber. your phone is telling you one guy is picking you up and he driver. >> that could be bad. >> you think? >> you want to verify that your passengers are getting in the vehicle with somebody that has a background check and that they're safe. there's a lot of strange people out there, people that are out to do harm. >> lax police spokesman says airport police know how to catch violators because they encounter so many uber and lyft drivers every day. citations we reviewed from lax and bay area airports show drivers using other people's accounts again and again and again. some of them didn't even have valid driver's licenses, but not all law enforcement officials are focused on ride share rules. >> the majority of municipal
6:37 pm
officers don't know what to look for. >> most of the trips we saw on our rented uber account happened in san francisco but sfpd is not aware of any reports involving fraudulent driver accounts. the department doesn't have the authority to check waybills to catch them. >> when we conduct our traffic stops we try to be as least intrusive asssle. >> san mateo police spokesman has watched his department investigate several serious crimes involving ride share drivers. >> hoping that we caught him in time. >> but he says officers could be violating privacy rights by searching through apps outside of airports where it's more heavily regulated. instead it's up to the companies. >> the rideshare company will open an investigation. >> that's what happened after we showed uber the accounts we rented.
6:38 pm
the company tracked down the seller, linked him to more profiles and deactivated one of them. a spokesperson says law enforcement is now investigating potential fraud. the company says it's security tools should keep anyone that rents an account from actually driving but it's looking into just how many people got taken for a ride. >> well, at least one of this guy's accounts has been shutdown. we have seen plenty of other accounts pop up for rent on underground chat groups daily. until regulators can get their arms around this problem, we'll stay on it. back to you. >> thank you. if have a story for liz or anyone else in our investigative unit give us a call, 888-996-tips or visit nbc bay >> up next, where did all your followers go? the bug that's effecting instagram accounts. tonight -- ia
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bug. it all started this morning when users began losing followers.
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some lost a handful ... others, thousands and some even millions. justin bieber lost nearly 2m followers. many thought instagram was deleting fake accounts. it )s not clear whether the bug changed the actual coun >> justin bieber lost nearly 2l. many thought instagram was deleting fake accounts. it's not clear whether the bug changed the actual account number or deleted accounts. >> interesting. all right. let's turn things over to jeff to talk about the next 24 hours. >> i do think this storm system moving in overnight won't be as strong as what we just went through. so that's good news but the ground is so saturated any more rainfall is going to cause us problems. you can see the next bulls eye of rainfall aiming for the north bay. we'll also get an update on sierra snow as well. cvs pharmacy.
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experience w/ a solar company. nbc bay area responds to a man in san jose that had a stormy experience with a solar
6:44 pm
company. >> our consumer investigative team got involved. >> he told us he was looking at one of the new age solar systems where the panels are neatly integrated into your roof shingles. so he put down a $1,000 deposit. however he later ptty strict about how muchey which ever is less. yet the law doesn't require or $1,000. deposits be refundable. on the surface, it looks like will is out of luck, however this particular solar company's asked website gave us hope. in the frequently asked question section it says will my deposit be refundable? yes all deposits are eligible for a refund. he was told that and for weeks they didn't respond. so our team called the contractor and within five days it agreed to give will the $1,000 back. if you have a complain about a contractor, let us
6:45 pm
i want to show youernpan of the. this is the new span of the bridge. you can notice it's not lit up like it usually is. just a few minutes ago noticed the lights went out there. we do have calls into the officials for the bay bridge wondering what is causing this. else. power outage orthin >> weather related? >> in theory related to the weather. we're making calls to find out why the lights on the eastern span are off. you can see the traffic lights and the cars there but not the lights on to the actual bridge. >> let's move on. a lot of kids in east san jose had their hearts grow three times bigger today thanks to the grinch. turns out he's not a mean one anymore. bigger and bigger and bigger. >> we know this person. >> no, he has a big heart now. students got an after school
6:46 pm
grinch party with dr. seuss books and hats and i filled in lou helping out. kids got a screening of dr. seuss the grinch movie to celebrate the dvd release but the biggest grinch gift, a thousand dollar check from universal pictures home entertainment that will help the struggling school with field trips, treats for the kids as the grinch says, it was with kindness and love for all. >> you're in such a good mood today. now we know why. >> they have been preparing and reading the books and got a huge collection of dr. seuss books. they were super excited too. >> $1,000 for the school. >> the principal told me they really needed it. >> i loved your enthusiasm too. >> she came to school now and she's on the news now. >> we do have the heaviest
6:47 pm
rainfall we're still tracking across the bay area. we're under this microclimate weather alert. let's start off with storm ant to take you into ppler areas that we are concerned about. basically if you live all the way down to mill valley you want to stay away from my small creek, stream, or any of those larger rivers they could be getting close to full and continuing to cause flooding problems tonight also into tomorrow. so the biggest flood threat is across the north bay. keep your alerts on. now let's track some of this
6:48 pm
rainfall. we had so many flooding problems or heavy downpours here into 6:53 and all the way back by 7:29. you can see this huge swath of rainfall here. that's going to be picking ittos extremely hard in the bay area today, the snow has also been hitting the sierra. we want an update from our sister station. it's going to get dangerous here the next couple of days. >> it's going to be very dangerous. we don't recommend traveling there. we could see up to five feet of snow for the next hours. we might see even like 50 inches of snow in south lake tahoe. this sounds like paradise but this is very dangerous so we don't recommend to go, the traveling conditions are very
6:49 pm
hazardous. so recommendation is to avoid the areas. you could see winds up to 100 miles per hour. this is what we experience in a hurricane, so the recommendation of course is to keep you guys safe and also tracking more of the flooding concerns. jeff, back to you. >> gabby, thank you so much for that update. very heavy snow as we head through the next couple of days. maybe not the best travel day until we hit sunday's forecast and tn drier weather early next week. so let's get back to the flooding. the napa river is going to reach flood stage as we head into 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. 18.7 feet. mostly just impacting agricultural areas right around st. helena. downtown napa hitting flood stage, 1:00 p.m. tomorrow, 25.3 feet. it is extremely important to note that flooding in downtown napa does not occur until we hit 28 feet so we lely won't see
6:50 pm
flooding in downtown napa but we have to watch that extremely closely. if we get more in the way of heavy downpours, we cod that river level change and then by 7:00 a.m. on friday. when you reach 37.8 feet there friday morning, some of the lowest lying areas in downtown could actually have some flooding, some of the businesses in the town. so please stay alert of that or we're going to of course bring you more updates. 11:30 tonight we have that rainfall with us. it continues until 3:00 in the morning, even into 8:30 tomorrow morning and eventually we start to see a break once we hit tomorrow afternoon. in my extended forecast, another quarter to one inch tomorrow. and just some spotty chances of rainfall as we head into this weekend and a break next week. so that is the good news. saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, much needed dry weather coming our way.
6:51 pm
february is usually our busiest month march can also be go where we could see the big time storms. >> tonight not as problematic as we saw earlier this morning. >> it could be, even though it's not as strong, the storm is not as strong, everything is just so saturated. >> so much accumulation. >> that's correct. tomorrow is valentine's. >> a cute pink umbrella. >> yes. >> not for everyone. >> thank you. we're back in a moment. what's better than having fast, reliable wifi with coverage throughout your home? how about having internet that can help you save on wireless phone service? xfinity gives you the fastest speeds for all your devices. plus, now that xfinity mobile is included, you can switch your wireless carrier and save hundreds of dollars a year. talk and text as much as you want and only pay for data. now that's simple, easy, awesome.
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click, call or visit a store today.
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they )re back home -- after sweeping 4 games in canada. but it was a win 3 weeks ago, that may have triggered their latest hot streak. they're back home after sweeping four games in canada. >> that's big time but it was a win three weeks agatha may have triggered this latest hot streak. that came against the capitals that they'll face again tomorrow night. that's a big ticket. >> we talk to other people around the hockey world that know the game. they say that this is a team, if healthy, this could be the year for the sharks. it's a good hockey team. >> could jamie baker be ri could this actually be the year? they certainly look the part
6:55 pm
right now. san jose riding a six-game win ste from behind victory over the defending stanley cup champs just before the all-star break. >> the win and the way we won i think set up our break. obviously coming out of the break we have been real good. for sure those things go hand in hand. >> scores! >> he completed a hat trick with the game winner in overnight that time. had he knows how pivotal that was to the current state of the team. >> they have two or three goals and find a way to win the game so it's huge. every time we come back like that, show how the team is so it was good for us. >> win in vancouver also big. the 7-2 win fall to the sharks atop the standings in the western conference, but how important is that at this stage in the season? >> it's important, i think, but, you know, last time we went to a stanley cup final three years
6:56 pm
ago, i think we were six seeds. it's not the be all and end all but you want the easiest path you can get in the playoffs and if we get a game 7, you want it to be at home if we can have it so those are important things that we're trying to play for. >> in san jose, nbc bay o go to a sharks game. tomorrow night would be a good time. >> i can't go tomorrow but i'd like to go another time. >> maybe over the weekend. thanks for joining us. have a safe evening. >> bye bye. .
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now on "extra" -- jussie smollett in tears in his first interview. why he's defiant about the hate crime attack. >> i'm pissed off. >> why he refused to turn over his phone to police. and his family defending jussie today here on "extra." new video, andy cohen and baby benny, how his new life as
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a father at 50 is affecting his dating life. new secrets from his wild baby shower with the real housewives. >> we're doing a little twerking. war of the vander pump. lisa's beverly hills battles revealed. then kim kardashian secret struggle with a skin condition that affects millions. >> i can't even explain what it


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